Domain Expertise Areas

We work with our customers to gather requirements, analyze, design, architect and develop their secure client/server applications or portals. We support this effort with our robust service-oriented architecture, QUICKTM tool-kit and technology-agnostic application development methodology. We facilitate a configurable, API-based approach for application development between and within a variety of client-server technologies such as DocumentumTM, SharePointTM, OracleTM, SQL ServerTM and .NETTM . The enterprise-wide framework is based on Java/J2EE, JSP and XML-based components using supported combinations of Web servers and client-server technologies.

We address analysis and design issues spanning the data, network, business and application layers. Applications include DocumentumTM, SharePointTM and OracleTM- based web-portals integrating business areas such as regulatory submissions, submissions tracking and management, labeling, human resources, SOP management etc. Applicable technology components are isolated for modular API-based application development and integration of different protocols (HTTP, DMCL, SOAP, etc.) with emphasis on maintainability, scalability, security and extensibility. We also work with business areas to design applications that require contribution from authors, editors and reviewers with component-based modular functions and XML-integration.