Documentum Services

e-content, enterprise architecture

The successful convergence of your business processes with technology requires a sound eContent management infrastructure. Working closely with business, user and IT groups, we analyze key participating systems, processes and data on key parameters to determine and deliver an optimal e-content infrastructure design to meet or exceed business goals. Future scalability, maintainability, performance, configuration of component technologies and ease of integration of new systems and processes are some of the factors we take into account.

Documentum™ Installation & Migration

We provide Documentum installation and custom or out-of-the-box content migration expertise from earlier to the most current Documentum Suite of Products (D2, M2, etc.) or vversions. Our validated procedures deal with several architectures such as single, distributed/BOCS, federated, etc.) and covers migration of order of terabytes of production submission content between Documentum server versions and patches. Our migration procedures also address dependent systems in an enterprise architecture such as Publishing tools (Insight, ISI eCTDXPress, Xerox, Acrobat, etc.) or custom applications such as FirstDocTM.

Performance analysis for strategic business needs

Performance issues directly affect business goals, revenues, user-satisfaction and motivation to use an application. We have integrated business analysis with performance issues and developed performance-enhancement methodologies to isolate architecture bottlenecks and thereby improve overall performance. These exercises have been successfully conducted in major pharmaceutical technology centers.

Documentum™ -based Application Development, Support & Maintenance

This area is one of the company’s strengths due to its acquired experience over the years and faciliated by our validated tool-kit QUICKTM . A formal SDLC-based approach is followed here by interacting with a client's business and technical staff. For support and maintenance purposes, our thorough analysis of enterprise applications and their interacting components provide us with information required to generate automated diagnostics for support, notification and execution of remedial measures.