Enterprise Content Management

Content Management in an enterprise necessitates a sound design, growth and development strategy that can provide a solid foundation for its future growth. In order to develop these strategies, an organization needs to understand and analyze their business needs, current and future content growth. Using this business analysis data and requirements, appropriate tools, technologies, systems and governance processes need to be incorporated using industry best practices. This process can be a demanding exercise due to the influence of various organizational, business and technology related factors. At the very least, a scalable content management strategy with configurable tools is critical in a controlled or regulated pharmaceutical context to handle issues such as taxonomy and workflow management, content classification, country specific business rules and content management, placement, linking, security, integration, publishing and content deployment.

Using leading edge technologies such as Documentum™, SharePoint™, OracleTM and other technologies in the content management space, we offer a robust enterprise framework with configurable tools and methodologies for application development and governance. Using this framework and associated tools/methodologies, an organization can design, develop, scale and manage content and integrate accompanying systems to meet their business goals.