Systems Integration

With an understanding of your enterprise systems, processes and goals, we can provide tools and technology for seamless integration of processes and systems to meet business goals. Our methodology is designed to break processes and technology components in chunks detailing specific owners, objectives, hand-offs, parent and child component dependencies, etc. Using a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for the systems integration model, we assist business owners to better understand and refine their internal governance, process hand-offs and envision an integrated system, without compromising goals. The successful convergence of business processes with technology requires a sound integrated systems architecture and infrastructure. Working closely with business, user and IT groups, we analyze key participating systems, processes and data on key parameters to deliver an optimal e-content and data management application infrastructure design. Future scalability, maintainability, performance, configuration of component technologies and ease of integration of new systems and processes are some of the factors we take into account. In the SOA, we work with all popular pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications to provide an integrated model