Taxonomy & Metadata Management

Central admin control for taxonomies, meta-data, relationships and mapping

For diverse enterprise groups, you can create secure meta-data names, values, taxonomies, mapping of keywords between systems and different types of security-based taxonomy relationships and associations for – Clinical Trial names, Trial IDs, Protocol #s, Document types, Document subtypes, Document Categories, Visit #s, Visit Names, Physician Names, Keywords, Drug Names, Clinical Cases, Departments, Diagnostic tests, Laboratory tests, Clinical trial names, Protocols, Medication schedules, etc.

From a single database, share and deploy meta-data, taxonomies and meta-data mapping for applications distributed world-wide – Documentum, SAP, Livelink, Sharepoint, Siebel, Oracle, etc. This translates to -

√ Significant reduction in cycle time for NDAs, Submission dossiers, CSRs, product information replication, etc.

√ Simpler data mapping and protocol deployment for Clinical trials, content and applications management

√ Configurable, single enterprise-wide security model

√ Simpler procedures for cost-estimation at various decision points and other enterprise-wide collaborative activities.

√ Easily integrated with diverse systems across the enterprise: content management systems such as Documentum, Livelink, Sharepoint, enterprise systems such as Seibel and SAP, clinical-trial management systems, knowledge management repositories, laboratory information systems, etc.

Scalable product architecture and easy integration with your IT infrastructure

Built on relational database concepts using Oracle database, this Web-based tool has been built with scalability and product flexibility in mind. This product can be easily integrated with any Web-server, and web- or non-web based applications across the enterprise. Product involves no proprietary technology components and is built to move forward with technology changes with minimal product code changes.