Content Life Cycle Management

Enterprise content management analysis in a pharmaceutical and biotech environment encompasses business areas from molecular or compound discovery all the way through post-marketing and vigilance for all countries and markets involved. Analysis in this space requires knowledge of

  • standards adopted in various regions, markets
  • business issues related from drug discovery to post-marketing and ownership of business units
  • clinical trial management issues related to phases I – IV, data management and biostatistics issues
  • interaction of various systems, business units and procedures

Our configurable content and data-management tools align themselves with business processes to provide technical solutions that meet business goals. These solutions cover individual pharmaceutical units such as drug discovery, clinical, non-clinical, regulatory, CMC, pharmacovigilance, labeling, etc. These tools assist us in project management, application development and validation services. Our QUICKTM methodology is technology-agnostic and facilitates development of applications using varied content management, data management, web and networking technologies to support varied business units.