Quantum Institute of Clinical Research & Biostatistics - QICRB

QICRB, a division of its parent company QuantumEnt Technologies Private Limited, based in Bangalore, India, is at the forefront of clinical research, biostatistics & data management, content & clinical trial management since 1996. QICRB has developed a comprehensive Diploma/Certificate (6 weeks-6 months) and Accelerated Fast Track 3-day, 4-day and 5-day programs in the following areas: SAS Programming, Biostatistics, Clinical Trial Management, Database Design and Data Management and Pharmacokinetics and Bioequivalence Studies. QICRB training programs in the US and India are spaced out through the year.

An experienced faculty handles the training programs in a well organized and systematic schedule that suits a variety of health-care professionals desire to advance their knowledge in this area.

QICR-B has developed a unique curriculum which caters to a wide range of audience, from the aspiring beginner to the advanced clinical research scientist and physician population. The SAS/Biostatistics, clinical research & data management course offerings are designed with emphasis on providing a sound foundation on the subject matter as well as an insight into applications to real-life problems.