CDISC Services

Our CDISC team comprises of certified CDISC staff members who are actively involved in CDISC leadership teams and initiatives.  We are specialized in converting legacy data into CDISC SDTM format, Annotation of blank CRF with CDISC SDTM variables, Mapping specifications, Trial Design & subject level datasets, QC of SDTM data (double programming), Creation of Data Definition Document (Define.XML), etc. Our in-house experts can guide you with SDTM implementation and standardizing legacy or ongoing study data into CDISC SDTM format.  We offer a variety of CDISC services to clients who are looking for data standardization or CDISC implementation services.

CDISC Services: Legacy and Ongoing Study Data Conversion: We are specialized in converting legacy data into CDISC SDTM format with the process based approach starting from the CRF annotation to the creation of SDTM compliant datasets.

Consulting includes (1) CDISC implementation Support, (2) SDTM Roadmap Development and (3) SDTM Mapping Assistance

Data Warehousing: We help clients to implement CDISC SDTM in their data repositories which help to load the non-standardized data from disparate sources into a single data standard. It also helps in pooling multiple study data into CDISC standard for analysis purposes.