Course Details

Diploma in Biostatistics and Computing (DBC)


Course ID : QI-DBC
Date : "Accelerated" DBC program from May 2017 to Sept 2017 & "Non-Accelerated" DBC program from May 2017 to June 2018 - By arrangement with Instructor(s)
Location : New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India (depending on no. of students)
Mode of Training : In-Class Lecture, In-Class practical, Email Access, Project Work
Dates: Class Lecture : By arrangement
Student Evaluation/Exams

Final examination for each course consists of multiple-choice questions. Homework and Projects will be graded. Final grade on each course is based on 40% from Homework and Projects and 60% from Final Examimation. Final passing grade % will be announced.

Instructor Availability : Dates for instructor availability in classrooms to answer questions are listed above. Hence, the students are expected to complete their work.
Homework and Projects : Homework and Projects will be graded.
For Registration/Pricing, call: : Please call our office in New Jersey at 609-454-5635 or email us at info_india@quantument.com for pricing/registration

NOTE: All courses are gearded towards clinical research. Each course is also offered independently as a short course with the specified individual course duration (3 weekends or approx. 6 days intensive in-class training) depending on the participants’ academic preparation. If registering for complete Diploma, you do not need to register for individual sessions.