Categories: SAS Courses
      Date: Dec  9, 2009
     Title: SAS Programming II


This course is a highly intense as well as a formal course in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS).


Students should have knowledge of SAS programming. Preferably, they should have completed SAS Programming I course.

Course ID: QI-PRG-202
Date: WEEKDAY sessions from mid-May - Sept 2017 (40 hr SESSIONS): Refer below for details - intensive In-Class Training to assist students complete assignments; PLEASE send email to for pricing
Location: New Jersey, USA & Bangalore, India (depending on no. of students)
Mode of Training: In-Class (Weekends/Weekdays)/On-line
Dates: Class Lecture: June 2017 through September 2017 in NJ/USA
Weekday Session 1: 
Dates: Instructor Access via Email: Post-class access via Email
For Registration/Pricing, call:: Please call our office in New Jersey at 609-454-5635 and email for pricing/registration