Categories: SAS Courses
      Date: Mar 21, 2016
     Title: SAS Programming I


This course is a highly intense as well as a formal course in Statistical Analysis Software (SAS). Topics start from the basic concepts to advanced features of SAS. Topics include introduction to DATA and PROC steps, writing a sample SAS program, conversion of raw files into SAS data files, reading and writing date variables using INFORMATS and FORMATS, manipulating SAS variables, use of conditional and comparison operators,  introduction to the concepts of ARRAYs with examples ranging from simple to complex in nature, combining data sets, in-depth discussion of PROC SQL and SAS macros, generating reports using PROC PRINT and PROC REPORT procedures, introduction to Output Delivery System (ODS) to general HTML output.


No prior knowledge of SAS is expected. However, participants are expected to have the knowledge of basic operations of PCs, such as creating folders, accessing files as well as an understanding of basic system commands on your operating systems. Knowledge of Microsoft products such as Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint is helpful.

Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) is a very powerful and versatile as well as industry-standard statistical tool to manipulate and analyze large research data. This course prepares those participants who are interested in taking SAS Certification Examinations.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion, participants will be able to have an in-depth understanding of how to

Topics of Study


Course ID: QI-PRG-201
Duration: WEEKDAY sessions from mid-May - Sept 2017 (40 hr SESSIONS): Refer below for details - intensive In-Class Training to assist students complete assignments; PLEASE send email to for pricing/group discounts
Location: New Jersey, USA & Bangalore, India (depending on no. of students)
Mode of Training: In-Class (Weekends/Weekdays)/On-line (depending on no. of students registered)
Weekend Session 1: 40 hrs: 9.00AM - 5.00PM: Includes a weekday, Saturday and Sunday for 2017 Summer and beyond
Evening Session 1: 40 hrs: To be announced
Dates: Instructor Access via Email: Post-class access
For Registration/Pricing, call:: Please call our office in New Jersey at 609-454-5635 and email for pricing/registration