Categories: Diploma in Biostatistics and Computing
      Date: Feb 19, 2011
     Title: Categorical Data Analysis


This course is intended to familiarize participants with statistical procedures for analyzing categorical outcome data, a type of data often collected in health-related studies. Participants will have opportunities to use SAS to implement those statistical procedures and interpret the results of SAS outputs. In addition, this course will also place emphasis to certain degree on general statistical mechanisms underlying those statistical procedures.


Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the participants will be able to

Course Topics

Nonparametric Methods (optional)

Course ID: QI-BIO-202A
Date: For May 2017 - Sept 2017 classes, in NJ, USA
Duration: Intensive In-Class Training w/Instructor in Classroom to assist students complete assignments
Location: New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India (depending on no. of students)
Dates: Class Lecture: By Arrangement with Instructor(s)
Dates: Instructor Assistance in Classroom: By Arrangement with Instructor(s)
Dates: Instructor Access via Email: Post class